Birthday Parties

Angling Women can customize the perfect fishing, crabbing, or aquatic birthday party for your family.  We make it so easy that all you have to do is show up and bring some cupcakes!  We provide all gear, equipment, bait, goody bags, and even a little tackle box for the birthday boy or girl that all of the party goers can sign!  I can’t guarantee they will catch fish, but they will have a blast learning and trying! 

Birthday Party $300 (Maximum of 10 children)

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Fishing 101

Fishing 101 is the perfect class for you if you have never been fishing before or if it has been a while since you have wet a line. Angling Women staff take time to explain exactly how to get started in a relaxed and low key atmosphere.  We understand that it can be difficult to learn from a family member or close friend, so save that relationship and let us get you started!  


We cater our classes to women or family groups and we love to introduce people to this amazing and enjoyable sport and hobby.  Our goal is for you to feel comfortable enough to share with someone else what you learned  when you leave the class.  We always provide all gear, bait, and tackle so all you need is a license!

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Creative Crabbing and Cast Net 101

Creative Crabbing and Cast Net 101 are wonderful classes to help you get started catching bait or getting those crabs to eat!  In the Creative Crabbing class you will actually assemble a crabbing hand line and learn just how easy it is to start crabbing immediately.  You even get to take it home with you!  The Cast Net class will introduce you to the “art” of throwing the cast net.  There are many ways to do this so we’ll show you a couple and help you find the one that is right for you. 

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Private Instruction

Private Instruction $75 (additional participants $25, maximum of 5)

Private instruction sessions are 2 full hours of hands on instruction detailing how to rig for our local inshore fishing.  Participants learn knots and different rigs to target different species.  All gear is provided and participants ages 16 and over need a valid fishing license. 

Family Intro Class

This 1 ½ hour introductory class is for the family who wants to learn how to get started with fishing and/or crabbing in our area.  All gear is provided and participants ages 16 and over need a valid fishing license. 

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Family Intro Class $125 (maximum of 5)

Ladies Nights

Grab some co-workers or friends and join us on the creek for a fun fishing evening out.  You'll learn about some of our common species, learn to bait a hook, wet a line and relax!  It is a great confidence building class and then participants can hit one of our amazing restaurants for refreshments!  After you enjoy fishing and hopefully get a little scaly you can head back up the dock and find a nice spot for happy hour!  You can take your legal catch to FINZ to even have it prepared for you! All gear is provided but don't forget your fishing license!  Best of all you won't have to clean any gear afterwards! .  

Ladies Night $35/person (minimum of 4)

This 1 ½ hour class empowers women to be able to rig their own rods, cast, bait their hooks and more.  All gear is provided and participants ages 16 and over need a valid fishing license. 

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School Programs

Angling Women is pleased to offer school visits or outings that can be customized to include fishing techniques, fish anatomy, South Carolina specific aquatic education and more   We can design the perfect classroom or school visit to meet your specific needs.  We have years of experience in education and understand how to speak effectively to any age group.


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Coastal Crafts

Coastal Crafts (Price based on craft selected)

If you love the coast and want a more creative session, we can bring this class to you.  From wooden art displays, oyster shell crafts, sea turtle crafts, and more, we can create a custom session for you to create something beautiful for your home or office.  These classes led by Angling Women staff and Lowcountry Bohemian staff.

Custom Programs

Angling Women is always excited to design custom aquatic education programs to meet your particular needs. We have done a Christian themed crabbing class for a church’s women’s retreat, kids cast net competitions, aquatic arts and crafts for events such as Earth Day and Southeastern Wildlife Expo, and Ladies Nights!  If you or your business or group is interested in discussing a custom program, just let us know and we’ll design one that is perfect for you!

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