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Tackle Purse

$200 Fun, functional, and beautiful Tackle Purses are designed to be used on the water and off. This bag can be clipped to the deck of your kayak. It features a flap that folds down where you can hold tackle while rigging. Add your pliers to the outside pocket for quick retrieval and head out on the water. After you are finished, wash your boat and gear and head out to happy hour with your Tackle Purse! -Comes in three beautiful patterns: Square Knots, Key Isle and Splish Splash

Dock Spike

$36 (without PVC insert) Dock Spike is an attractive and portable universal fishing rod holder. They can be attached to docks, railings, trees, and more. They keep your rod safe by keeping it off of the ground to avoid being stepped on or pulled over the railing. They work with a standard sand spike and are available in several color choices to make your fishing experience more personalized. Comes in 6 beautiful fabric choices: Square Knots, Key Isle Regatta, Splish Splash, Paddles, Navy & Camo

Hook Keeper Charm

Prices Vary Hook Keeper Charms attach to the hook keeper on your fishing rod by a sterling silver split ring. The sterling silver charms have 2 rings and allow you to safely secure your hook while customizing your rod. Currently the charms are available in 3 designs-redfish, shrimp, and flounder. Product tested by pros, they not only withstand the saltwater and heavy use but they help identify your rod and keep your hook secure during transport. Plus they add that special and personal touch.

Hand Line Crab Gauge

$18 (without line) Crab Line Hand Gauges are handmade in South Carolina and are designed to be a multipurpose crabbing tool. With a hole to tie they hand line on, they are notched at each end so the hand line can be wound around it and stored. They are long enough so that you can use the end to settle your crab before you pick it up. And the notch is exactly 5 inches allowing you to measure your catch and determine if it is legal to keep. (Check local regulations) Plus it floats!

Active Wear

$38 Logo Apparel at it's finest! Sun protection in style.

Logo Apparel

$25 Currently offering a variety of colors, sizes and styles.


These kits are a great way to introduce kids of all ages to fishing and crabbing! See individual photos for details.

Design a Crab Line Kit

$15 Design a Crab Line Kits have all you need to create a hand line for crabbing. Each kit has a "hook", weight, line, a wooden handle, and colored pencils. Youth can color the wooden handle with the pencils to create a fun, coastal, or crabby design. Instructions are included for setting up the crab line. All you need is creativity and bait! It is a fun activity to help youth prepare before going crabbing.

Design A Lure Kit

$15 The Design a Lure Kit introduces an individual to the craft of lure making in a simple manner. It comes with a lure body, split rings (for attaching your own hooks), and stick on eyes. Crafters can simply use permanent marker to color the lure body, add hooks, and test it out on the water. It is a fun youth activity and can inspire a love of fishing and art.